Virtual School and Working Parents

The sudden Covid-19 outbreak meant that we all had to suddenly adapt to a new way of living. Overnight, our lives changed and whether it was for school or work, we were all grappling on how to translate these experiences online.

Teachers and students had to adjust to this new form of Zoom classes and online assignments. However, it presented a struggle to working parents. How are working parents doing online school?

How are working parents doing online school?

When it comes to younger kids, Online Education has certainly been quite a struggle as they require constant monitoring. So then, it falls on the parent to make trade-offs and figure out how to balance their job while still maintaining Parent support for online learning. This is unfortunately tricky for those households where both parents are required to work.

This balance between child care and expectations of a job still remains quite difficult, but it has been a year since we went into lockdown. We now have discovered and understood ways through which one might easier juggle this situation.

How Can You Balance Work and Your Child’s Virtual Learning?

It takes a lot of balance, patience and flexibility in order to make distance learning work for your family. This is especially true for working parents who might not have enough time to spare. Older children may still possess the discipline to sit through countless Zoom classes. However, the same cannot be said for younger children which is why this article will provide child guidance for 3-5 year olds.

We have curated some Guidelines for parents for online classes to make their lives a little easier. If you cannot opt for assistance, with some creative arrangements, you can still make things work. How are working parents doing online school?

How are working parents doing online school?


Let’s get started.. 

  1. Detailed Planning and Scheduling:

As far as possible, try to plan your child’s learning schedule around your work schedule. Or vice versa. You must find time to provide support to your child while they are studying online. In your child’s free time, you can work without having to worry if they are paying attention to their class. Instead, they can be preoccupied with other activities such as playing, reading picture books, watching an educational show, etc. 

  1. To-Do Lists:

A great way to ensure that all your planning goes smoothly is by using clearly defined To-Do lists. It helps keep you organized and takes away the burden of remembering every single task that you or your child needs to do.  

  1. Planning Tools:

There are better planning tools now than ever before, so parent's role in online learning has been relatively more straightforward with such devices. Such planners have infiltrated every field, and it is now possible to integrate your family calendar with your work schedule so that it becomes easier to keep track of both. It is more convenient for you to look at and ensures that every task is taken care of. This way, you can ensure that your plans do not overlap, and you can oversee your kids during classes. 

  1. Flexibility and Creativity:

If your child cannot do without your support, you will either need to find a way to provide them with assistance or help them yourselves. Usually, evenings are best to do this when you are working full time. For those working more flexible jobs, this might be easier. It is quite possible to plan ahead and if your office understands enough to give you some leeway for your parental responsibilities. 

  1. Seek The Help of Teachers and Peers:

 If you have been struggling, there are chances that other parents are working too in terms of Online Education. Sometimes teachers can provide a helping hand or extra assistance to parents. You never know until you ask. Make the best of the resources you have access to, including your child’s teachers.

how to manage online school?

Why Is Virtual Learning Good?

If we think about it, our new virtual jobs and schools have allowed us to become closer to family and take a more active approach in interacting with one another. What is positive guidance in early childhood? Nothing can be better than spending more time with your kids, truly getting to know them and help them in their education.

Shifting to this parallel universe of sorts has taken its toll on all of us but it has also made it possible for a greater integrated parents role in online learning. Studying from home has its own perks as does working from home. We now have more flexibility with our schedules in some measure.

parents role in online learning

Parents and children can actually develop their own schedules that work around each other while also ensuring that you have time to spend with one another. Quality time such as family nights or family fun time can be planned. This allows you to make the best of all seven days of the week.

Getting Used to Remote Learning and Working

When remote learning and working was new for us, there were quite a bit of things we were collectively trying to figure out. However, a year later, when this has become our new normal, there are more and more guidelines for parents for online classes to ensure a smooth balance.

Parent support for online learning

A little patience and planning goes a long way. It will definitely be possible for you to balance your work while maintaining parent support for online learning. It is safe to say that the entire education sector has been reshaped in the past year. It has been difficult for students, teachers and parents to get used to this new normal. The best way we can cope with such a change is by setting realistic expectations and doing our best to ensure a good balance between our work and the academic needs of our children.


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