The pandemic brought many challenges for parents as their children are forced to spend most of their time inside homes. Though it gave severe setbacks to the world, the virus brought new impetus to parents who could hardly spend their days with little ones before the outbreak. If you’re a parent and looking for “tips for parenting during the coronavirus,” we have managed to carve out a few for you. They are straightforward to follow. Let us enlighten you all with some excellent parenting tips in this context.

A. Win your children’s trust 

parenting in a pandemic

The first thing psychologists suggest while interacting with children is making friends with them and winning their trust. Think of it how you can win their trust and befriend them. Your job as parenting in a pandemic or even after that would be much easier. Kids are tender creatures of God. They need love, care, and friendship to thrive. Be the support they need.

There are a few things that would help you gain their trust. These will also help you to befriend them. Some of those tips are mentioned below:

  • Asking them about their likes and dislikes;
  • Talking to them about their schools and friends;
  • Responding to them at the first call;
  • Playing with them with their toys;
  • Making them do things they love unless it harms them in any way.

B. Talking to Them about the Virus

Parenting during Coronavirus

Apart from getting close with your children, you should also make sure that you keep them aware of the virus. Parenting during Coronavirus requires you to remain more sensitive and alert. Talk to them about what precautions they should take when somebody comes inside the house. Assign them some of the responsibilities related to the virus, viz. reminding elders to wear their masks while going out or washing hands properly or making everyone aware of the sanitization.  

By having a word with the kids about the virus, you contribute a lot in getting over this situation. They are indeed vulnerable to the virus, but we can leverage their excellent memory to keep ourselves updated regarding the precautions of the virus.

C. Channelize Their Energy in the Right Direction

parenting through the pandemic

Research shows that children do naughty stuff because they do not find much to do during a lockdown. Boredom makes them do things that are even not suitable for them. As a responsible parent, your job is to channelize their energy in the right direction. Let your parenting through the pandemic become momentous for both of you. Some of the tasks you can assign to your kids are as follows:

  • Draw or sketch anything of their choice;
  • Make lists of plastic or metal items in the house;  
  • Solve different puzzles;
  • Making them clean their rooms within the time given;
  • Assigning them petty tasks and chores.

D. Celebrating Special Days and Organizing Surprise Parties

parenting through the pandemic

The kids always love to do things that are a little unconventional than a typical day. Celebrating special days with them will bring you even closer to them. Be it their birthdays or a religious event, celebrate with them. Show exaggerated enthusiasm and make them feel that you are equally enjoying with them. These tips for children and parents can prove charismatic. Respect their ways of understanding things and listen to their perspectives.

Pandemic has given parents opportunities to invest a significant amount of time at home. It is apparent that parenting through the pandemic and celebrating special days are very much aligned to each other. Could you make the most out of it? Make their days with little things each day. 

E. Making To-Do and Checklists for Them

parenting during the coronavirus

Children usually do not follow a specific to-do list or checklist because they cannot go through them each day comfortably. Parents can make a to-do list or checklist to support parenting during the coronavirus initiative. It’s one of the best and most recommended ways of engaging with children. Once you start making those lists for them, not only you are engaging with the child’s day-to-day life, but you are also making use of a more disciplined and scheduled life.

Such engagements bring about the best in your child, and prepare them for the uncertain future. So make sure to create such lists during the morning breakfast or any other time of the day.

You can also help them design a gratitude list as well. In this list, ask them to write the good things about the family members. Ask them to keep adding new things at the end of every week.  

F. Showering Love and Care During the Bedtime

parenting tips

The love and bond created during bedtime are of profound one. Be in before they sleep at night or after they wake up in the morning; children want someone to be there for them. It gives them a sense of safety and comfort. If you plan to provide the love your child deserves, make sure to shower love and care during bedtime. 

Some of the tips for parents to showcase their love during bedtime:

  • Read them bedtime stories;
  • Share your stories;
  • Kiss their head before they go to sleep;
  • Put on a smile when you see them in the morning.

G. Application of Positive Reinforcement for Little Things and Avoiding Punishment

parenting tips

The best way to teach a child is through giving incentives and positive reinforcements. Reinforcements and incentives push the child to perform outwardly and do better in things they are instructed. They act as a medium of extrinsic motivation for the kids.

As you spend most of the time at home, teach your children knowledge and values through incentives and reinforcements. Avoid any punishment because that would further alienate you from the child.


Know What’s Best for Your Kid

So, those were some of the do-able tips for children and parents and parenting tips during the pandemic. It is evident that children are our posterities, and they will constitute our societies. Working with them, making them more disciplined, planning the days with them, and involving in their meaningful lives are ways to nurture them.

Through parenting, they can be moulded in the right direction. 

The Ginger Tots was established with a vision and passion to create a safe growing environment for babies, toddlers and kids by Samhitha Ogili, a mother of two, who has over a decade’s experience in the corporate world.



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