Children are one of the tender creatures of God who must be cared for to the core. They have a sensitive immune system and require extensive care from any toxic or hard materials. One thing they get exposed to the most is the toys they play with most often. They have a profound liking for toys—most of them made of substances that might put your kid’s health at risk. The implications make the kid vulnerable to diseases, allergies, and many other associated risks. So, make sure your kids play with the right kind of toys, always. 

As the world is filled with chemically produced materials, every item manufactured has some or other substances that are otherwise risking lives. Not even toys are excluded. They have substances and chemical compounds that are hazardous to children. After several attempts from environmentalists and manufacturers, responsible firms have ensured manufacturing toys that should be environmentally friendly, non-toxic, socially coherent, and ethically produced. 

Choosing the right kind of toys for your kids not only saves you from the unfortunate costs, but you also contribute equally to make the world a better place pollution-wise. As a responsible parent and a member of the society, you must choose the best for the better. 

Environmentally conscious toy store in India

What should you take into account while buying toys?

It may help if you remain abreast of how toys are categorised based on the materials used during the manufacturing process and their direct or indirect impact on children. The Ecologist reports that most toys are manufactured using petroleum-based plastic or wood. Chemical induced paints and dyes also prove hazardous to children. While playing with toys, children may put them in their mouths, putting them under health risks. If you're looking for non-toxic toys for a 6-month old, you should take the following into consideration. 

Some harmful substances that are used to manufacture toys and that put children’s health at risk are listed below:

PVC Plastic: The PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic contains lead and phthalates that are harmful. Both during production and destruction, they release dioxins into the environment. It can cause problems with reproduction, development, and the lower immune system in human beings. 

Leaded Paints and Dyes: Toys that have lead paints also put the children at health risks in several ways. When the paint deteriorates, it becomes very much hazardous to children. Swallowing or chewing of such particles can cause headaches, stomach aches, nausea, and even tiredness. It may also cause a learning disability in the child. Parents must take immediate precautions and medications if such symptoms are visible in children.  

Chemical Preservatives: Children grow at a fast pace during early childhood. So, it becomes crucial that they often get exposed to substances that are pure and natural only. Don't compromise on their health and hygiene. Toys made from chemical preservatives not only hamper their growth but also expose them to serious health risks. The compounds in the chemical preservative toys leave harmful effects on children, so avoid them the most. 

Toys made from fossil fuels: Toys made up of plastic wood, rubber cement, floor wax, oil filters, and so on are not much friendlier to children. They emit harmful compounds during wear and tear, thus making them hazardous to children. They are also dangerous to the environment as waste. Dumping will be hostile to the soil and burning them will cause air pollution.

Toys from Flame retardant chemicals: The toys made from recycled plastics refer to flame retardant chemicals. They are also toxic and can cause serious health complications in kids. Many toys are made up of such plastics since it is available at the cheaper rates. Even though it is unethical, many toy companies are employing such substances in manufacturing toys for kids.  


Types of Toys You Should Be Buying for Your Children

Now, let us understand what are considered ethical and non-toxic toys. Look for toys with the following features:

 Toys your children need

  • Toys manufactured from renewable materials;
  • Toys that don't pollute the environment;  
  • Toys that are not a burden to dispose of after use; 
  • Toys that are safe to those who manufacture them; 
  • Toys that don't cause any allergies to babies or kids;  
  • Toys that are manufactured by craftsmen, cottage industry workers, or in a natural setting.  


The Ginger Tots: A Home to Your Children's Toys 

If you're looking for ethically manufactured eco-friendly toys that do not put your child at any health risk, visit our online store The Ginger Tots. ‘The Ginger Tots’ was established on the premises of bringing toys that achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Counter Health Risks: To produce toys manufactured using non-toxic materials is one of our primary objectives. We take great care in the selection of our products. Our toys don't equip with any of the PVC plastics or chemically produced dyes and paints. We ensure that your child is completely safe while playing with our variety of toys. 
  2. Ethical Manufacturing: The toys that we bring to you are ethically manufactured. The rights of labourers are well protected, and their dignity is respected so that the toys made by them ensures a nice human touch.
  3. Eco-friendly Toys: At ‘The Ginger Tots’, we bring to you environmentally friendly and non-toxic toys for your little one. These toys also correspond to fight pollution. When manufactured, they do not emit carbon or greenhouse gas to add further to air pollution. In addition, when they are dumped after use, they do not cause damage to the soil. 


What Makes ‘The Ginger Tots’ Stand Out from the Rest? 

There are many toy manufacturing companies doing business in the toy industry. We at ‘The Ginger Tots’ distinguish ourselves from others by making a very careful selection of toys to ensure safety, fun, variety and aesthetically designed products for your children. We strictly adhere to the principles we believe in. We make sure that the toy your child plays with is health risk-free, environmentally friendly, and ethically produced. We ensure to pick out products that strictly follow the safety and quality regulations.


How are the Best Toys Designed by Professional Toy Designers? 

Safety is the highest priority when it comes to designing toys for children. Our toys are designed by responsible experts and professionals who are aware of the environmental cost and who create toys with an ethical touch. Manufacturers who consider ethics a high priority also take the safety of the child as their utmost priority.

Let us enlighten you with the materials that should be used to manufacture ideal toys. Trusted brands will employ natural, non-toxic rubber, cotton, silk fabric, yarn, premium wood, soy-based inks, and other materials likewise to ascertain the best safety measures. These materials also ensure the safety of the manufacturers who produce them. They are designed to suit the little and tender hands of your kids.  


Popular Toy Categories Offered by ‘The Ginger Tots’

The product range offered on our website as of today include:

As one of the key players in the toy business, we aspire to ensure the safety, durability, reliability, and consistency of our products. ‘The Ginger Tots’ cares about the security of your child more than anything in the world.

Visit us now to select the best toys for your kids to see that priceless smile on their face. 


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