Watching them Grow…

Parents are often heard saying that seeing their little one grow is one of the best feelings in the world. Babies start growing very fast even before you realize, from enthusiastic kids into inquisitive teenagers. They keep surprising you with new developments every day, and you are inspired by the little milestones they achieve, especially when they are toddlers. We at The Ginger Tots have come up with some cute little inventions for every milestone your little one achieves. These innovative playthings would blend in perfectly with your baby’s age as we cater to different age groups right from the first month to the growing years. We are there for you, starting from your baby’s birth to the essential stepping stones that he/she treads on.

Toys for 0 to 12 Months Childrens

Toys that you should select for your young one

In the first month of your baby's birth, as parents, you might be indeed anxious and curious to track his/her growth. We at The Ginger Tots believe that we can make your every moment count with our fabulous collection of toys for one-year baby. It is said that infants start developing cognitive skills even when they are a month old and show colossal growth and development, which you can easily keep an eye on with our range of beautiful toys. The products at The Ginger Tots are to help you keep a tab on your baby's growth and are suited to the changing needs of different age groups. For instance, there are toys for baby 0 to 3 months, for slightly grown-up babies who are six months old or when for a baby turning two years old.

The toys are crafted with the most delicate precision and are skillfully made to suit your toddler's needs, along with being eco-friendly. The Ginger Tots boasts of an acceptable range of eco-friendly toys which have different categories like wooden toys or toys made of natural rubber, which would not be harmful to your baby as opposed to the harmful effects of plastic or synthetic materials used in toys.

Eco Friendly Toys from TheGingerTots

Playthings are important Learning things too

Babies tend to put toys in their mouth or use the same hands after playing into their mouth. It puts them at a considerable risk of swallowing artificial substances used to make the toys that look attractive. We at The Ginger Tots understand this need and have designed our toys accordingly to provide the best for your baby. Although all stages in a child's development are intriguing, parents have often observed that babies have shown the most incredible growth between 6 to 12 months. Parents must play with their babies and spend a wonderful time rather than only feeding and changing dirty laundry and diapers at this stage. 

At this stage, babies love interacting with everyone around them. They start developing a sense of themselves and the world around them. Parents and loved ones should play with their children for fun and enhance the development of their physical and cognitive skills. It also helps develop their social and emotional intelligence like recognition of familiar and unfamiliar faces, showing response to people's emotions or reactions and playing with others.

Toys for 6 - 12 months Children


Little things for your baby from birth to 2 years

Whether at this stage or up to 2 years of age, you can buy your baby the Maya Organic kit-kit rattle or the Maya Organic Ball Rattle or the Sophie La Giraffe Teething toy with a squeaker as best suitable toys for baby girl 1 year old and considered perfect toys for baby 1 year old. It will help your baby recognize sounds, especially vowels, or respond to sounds that they hear, especially sounds that show happiness or displeasure. The Ginger Tots toys are customized to suit these requirements of songs, play and sound, and most importantly, they would cause no harm to your baby even if put in the mouth. The toys are made keeping in mind your baby's super innovative and creative potential and allows your baby boy/girl to develop some sense of control. 

It further helps advance baby’s cognitive skills and support to get creative with different kinds of sounds. The toys for baby 8 months are designed uniquely so that your toddler can effortlessly crawl with them and helps to keep them mobile. It is essential as babies generally start crawling once they are six or seven months old, and some of the toys can also be detached and put together again, especially helpful when your baby is more than six months old. 

eco-friendly toys for baby

The range of bath toys at The Ginger Tots helps your little one learn different sounds while having a warm bath, and they also do not get damaged by water. There are three brands of toys for baby 10 months or toys for baby 1 year that you can select from like Tikiri, Maya Organic and Sophie La Girafe, and all of them are made from natural resources like rubber or wood. You can buy them depending on whether you want a teether or a rattle for your baby. Whatever you buy, we can assure you of its supreme quality and also it would be loved by your little ones and would make their world filled with fun and learning.

Reasons you should choose The Ginger Tots

With an exquisite and adorable range of squeaking toys and rattlers, you can talk and sing with your baby as he/she tries hand at different games. These toys for baby boy 6 months help your little one to sing back and learn how to respond to other sounds. The toys are made of rubber or wood and would not break or bend even if your baby drops them frequently. As your baby starts chewing, you can easily give him/her a teether without having to worry about toxic substances entering baby’s stomach. The toys for baby 5 months and similar other options are made of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. They don’t harm the baby even when chewed. Therefore, you can enjoy various advantages with such toys from The Ginger Tots, some of which are:

  • Eco-friendly playthings- They are non-toxic, environment friendly and can be safely given to your baby without the fear of biting, chewing or swallowing.
  • Durability and Sustainability- The toys are designed keeping in mind the health of your baby and are also long-lasting. They would not break or get damaged quickly while your baby plays.
  • Development of Skills- The toys help in furthering your baby's cognitive and emotional development as they help them identify various things and recognize different sounds besides learning to respond.
  • Excellent Award-winning Quality- Our toys are of the best quality available in the market, and have won accolades for their eco-friendliness and innovative designs. 

Safe and Cost-effective- The toys are entirely secure for your babies to play with, even when you are not around for supervision. They also come at an affordable price and are long-lasting, which makes them cost-effective.

toys for baby boy 2 year old

If you are looking for all these qualities in the little playthings for your little one and cannot make the right choice for toys for baby boy 2 year old or for girl or for kids less than 2 years of age, please visit us at The Ginger Tots. You can also refer to our website for a safe shopping experience from the comfort of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Come, choose and provide the best products to your precious one so that you can make all the moments of your baby’s milestones count and cherish them forever.


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