The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our day to day lives. It has brought on challenges that have transformed life as we know it for a long time to come. While the necessity of taking the precautions cannot be stressed enough, your child’s birthday is one thing that cannot be floated to the following year without disappointing the kid. You would certainly like to see your kid happy and excited rather than being down in the dumps.

Therefore, we have brought you some fun and creative kid’s birthday celebration ideas to celebrate without compromising on the precautions. But before we look at these ideas, let us talk about the guidelines laid down by the World Health Organization (WHO) that we have to follow, no doubt. 

Follow these Precautionary Tips

Let’s keep in mind that there is no such gathering as ‘zero–risk’ when it comes to the pandemic, regardless of the size of the group coming together. So, it is necessary to practice the following preventive measures or precautions, even if you or the guests have taken the vaccine.

  1. Maintain at least one meter of distance from others at all times;
  2. Don’t forget to wear your mask or remove it at any time: If the pandemic birthday party is indoors, then there is a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19. Wearing a mask is necessary;  
  3. Ensure the place is properly ventilated. Try to have outdoor parties in a pandemic rather than indoors as it will be easier to ensure social distancing. There will be enough space, fresh air, and space to have a COVID-19 friendly birthday party. 
  4. Keep the celebrations to a small number of people. Regardless of who amongst the adults has taken the vaccine and who hasn’t, children will be at the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Planning smaller gatherings is a way to avoid exposure;
  5. Keep the event short. Limiting the time of the event would also reduce the risk of exposure;  
  6. Have an easy to access hand sanitiser for the guests.

The good thing is that vaccines are being rolled out so that the situation is not as dire as when the pandemic began. We are going back to normality slowly and steadily. So, a lot of the other stricter restrictions have been relaxed as well.


Perfect Ideas for the Perfect Party

It can be challenging to plan a fun party with these restrictions nevertheless. But we have come up with the following ideas to celebrate your kids’ birthday, which makes sure that you celebrate in a big way, despite COVID-19, and have the entire troop of family and friends there attending the celebration. 

1. A Drive-By Party

You can get your front yard party-ready with colourful decorations and have your kid’s friends, neighbours and family drive by your front yard. They would honk and great your kid on its special day. They could leave presents and pick up their share of the cake as well.

birthday celebration ideas

2. Camping

You can pick a camping site easily these days as the lockdowns have been lifted almost everywhere worldwide. You can celebrate your kid’s birthday with roasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and whatnot! If not an outdoor site, you can pick your backyard and still have the same fun.

birthday celebration ideas

3. Scavenger Hunt

You can organize a scavenger hunt with family and friends without risking exposure to COVID-19. You can plan it within or around your house or in the neighbourhood. Imagine the fun your child could have figuring out the clues getting to a prize they would love to have.

pandemic birthday party

4. A Video Call Party

Technology has become an ideal tool to stay connected to your loved ones, even in dire times as the pandemic. There are plenty of options out there to use for a conference video call. On the call, you can have all your friends and family. You all can dress up for the party and play a game together. The virtual party can be fun. Plus, it doesn’t have any of the hassles or risks of a party in real life.

pandemic birthday party

5. Giving It Back 

Your child’s birthday is also an opportunity to give something back to the world, especially during the pandemic. You can make a birthday box of food or other items of necessity and donate them to a charity or the homeless. You can make this activity of donation fun and engaging by decorating the box with your child. It is an ideal way to spend quality time with your child and also help them be socially conscious.

COVID-19 friendly birthday party

6. A Video Game Party

Chances are your kid is into video games. Almost all kids are! Use this interest to host a video game party. You can arrange it with parents of your kid’s friends and have them all play their favourite games online. You can send your kid’s friends food and birthday cake as well. 

COVID-19 friendly birthday party

7. Old–School Communication

You and your kids may not be all that tech-savvy or simply would like to prefer the old–school ways. If you seek it, you can have your friends and family send gifts and birthday wishes cards through the post. You can give these gifts and cards to your kid throughout the day, making your kid feel loved and special. It is, indeed, one of the best kids’ birthday party ideas at home.

best kids birthday party ideas at home

8. A Themed Dinner Party

Small indoor gatherings can be risky, but they can go well if necessary precautions are taken. You can have the closest friends of your child over and very close family as well. Let your child pick a theme for the party. Make its favourite but also COVID safe birthday party food. Your child will surely love a themed party.

best kids birthday party ideas at home

These are some of the ideal ways to celebrate your child’s birthday during a pandemic. Much of the fun of a birthday party for a kid comes from its friends, family and gifts. It would help if you compromised on these aspects because of COVID-19. Trust us! Try these ideas without any worry, and you won’t be disappointed.


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