Traditionally wrapping gifts with the use of wrapping paper is taken for granted. Instead of paying attention to covering the gift, people pay more attention to the present inside. While the gift is meaningful and requires your research and love, the way you wrap a gift can also show a lot of care and devotion to the person you are giving the present. So the next time you are planning to gift something to your loved one, how about you pay equal attention on how to wrap a gift and not just the present. We shall put forth specific out-of-the-box yet convenient ways to wrap a gift without wrapping paper for that very purpose.

Why learn how to wrap a gift without wrapping paper?  

Before we move on to the ways to wrap a gift without wrapping paper, let us convince you to do so. First of all, wrapping paper is ultimately a paper that means trees are being cut down to produce it. So you can become a bit environmentally conscious by looking for ways to wrap a present without wrapping paper and use reuse and recycling things to wrap the gift.

Secondly, you will save on your precious money and think of reusing things at home for wrapping the gift instead of buying wrapping paper. Last but not least, switching to other options of wrapping a gift is to make it look unique and creative. You get to experiment with different materials and things which also show the person you are gifting the present to that you have made honest efforts to make them happy.  

Easiest ways on how to wrap a present without wrapping paper

In this section, we will get you acquainted with specific convenient gift wrapping options which might be available from the comfort of your home.

How to wrap a gift using a newspaper? Old newspapers lying around your house that are in good condition can be used to cover the present. You can pick sections like a featured cartoon, comic section or some beautiful advertisement section from the newspaper for wrapping the gift. Decorating it with threads, leaves, ribbons, glitter etc., can also be a good option.

How to wrap a gift using a newspaper?

What fabrics can be used to wrap a gift? With materials to cover the present, you can go eco-friendly and make the gift look chic. Bold-coloured scarves, embroidered bed sheets and even pillowcases, decorative towels etc., are some fabrics that are not only readily available but they can add style to your wrapped gift.

wrap a present without wrapping paper

How to wrap a gift with items found in the kitchen? – Have you ever thought of wrapping a gift using aluminium foil, old shopping bags, paper bags, clean chips packets (with metallic surface inside) which are generally found in your kitchen? No right? The foil and chips packets can make your shiny and attractive and can be the best way to wrap a baby gift without wrapping paper. Apart from that, colourful cloth shopping bags or patterned paper bags can be converted into wrapping material.


Innovative ways on how to wrap or present a gift

Are you searching for more ways on how to wrap a gift without wrapping paper? Do we say why wrap the present when you can put them inside different things and then gift it to your loved one? Confused? Well, we want you to be innovative and do something extraordinary instead of just wrapping the gift in some wrapping paper.

Pick cookie tins, paper cups, old cardboard or shoe boxes, jars that are lying around in your house. Ensure the inside is clean, and you can put some soft fabric or tissue paper inside the tin, cup, jar or box. After that, you can place the gift inside the container, cup, jar or box, whatever you have prepared. Seal it with the help of colourful tapes or ribbons etc.

wrap a baby gift without wrapping paper

Further, you have the option of using good quality, oversized balloons and fill them up with gifts and then blow them up. Once your loved one pops the balloons and finds the gifts inside, he/she is undoubtedly going to get surprised.

wrap a baby gift without wrapping paper

Apart from that, making a pretty and decorative gift basket for your loved one would also be a good option instead of wrapping the gifts with wrapping paper.

Remember, it is all about making your partner, kid, friend or relative happy on their special day. So go all out and think as crazy as you can while wrapping a gift for their pleasure.   

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