Who would have thought that you would have to plan a virtual birthday party for your child this year? Covid-19 and quarantine rules everywhere have changed the scenario, but why should you let these things affect your kid's happiness. Birthdays come once a year, and celebrating them with loved ones is vital for your kid, even if you do not realise. Yes, we know that planning and celebrating an online birthday party might not be easy, but you can make it possible with determination and love for your kid.

virtual birthday party

What planning is required for virtual birthday party?

Do you think an online party is just like a standard video chat/online meeting where all your loved ones and the kids’ friends gather together to wish them, and that’s it? Not really. A virtual birthday celebration starts with this, but it must move beyond this to make it a truly memorable day for your child. It would require extra planning plus creativity from your side. You will have to consider the following things carefully:

Which online platform to use for the virtual party? - Multiple online platforms have emerged that can be suitable for hosting a birthday party. However, it would help if you opted for free, easy-to-use and has no time limit. For larger gatherings, perhaps, Google Meet or Hangouts can be the preferred choice. Even Zoom would be an excellent platform to use. Apart from these, WhatsApp and Facetime can be utilized for small gatherings. Always make sure that all the participants know how to use the online platform. Perhaps doing a trial run would help everyone so that technical glitches can be avoided on the day.

How can a theme make the virtual party more fun? – Who said themes are only applicable to offline parties? Not, you can make a virtual birthday party more fun by creating it theme-based. Think about the things your kid loves: favourite cartoon, favourite colours, famous children’s movie or book and so on. Then select a theme and inform all the kids, friends and their family members attending the party to remain abreast of it. If everyone comes dressed according to a theme, it will make the virtual birthday surprise for your kid even more exciting. You can even plan out virtual games based on the theme if need be.

virtual birthday party celebration ideas

What activities can be done with the kids? – An essential part of planning and celebrating an online party is that you will require some virtual birthday party celebration ideas and activities to keep the kids engaged during the party. You can plan out some birthday party games for the kids that can be played virtually. You can plan some art and craft or some cooking activity with the kids. Even planning a simple dance and singing party or something like a talent show would also be a fun and memorable way to celebrate your kid’s special day. Apart from that, you can probably hire a magician, dancer, musician, art and craft expert etc., who can keep your kids entertained if you do not want to do it yourself.

Which virtual birthday party games can be played with the kids?

Once you have everything in place and you have decided that you want to add some exciting virtual birthday party games for the kids, you can choose from the list below:

  • Treasure Hunt/Scavenger Hunt- Calling out the list of things to find out or giving clues to solve a mystery;
  • Charades- Giving names of items that the kids can enact out;
  • Name, place, animal and thing;
  • Pictionary- Giving the name of items can be drawn by the kids;
  • Online video games;
  • Trivia quiz- Asking funny and smart quiz questions to test the kids;
  • Minute to win it- Giving fun challenges to the kids to finish in one minute.

virtual birthday party games

The list of the games can go on and on, but the above ones are easiest to understand and play with kids of different age groups. In certain games, you can also involve the kid's guardian to ensure that the kids can play the game properly.

Quick tips on how to throw a virtual birthday party for kids

We know that maybe it is your first time planning an online party, and you are looking for virtual birthday ideas which can be implemented conveniently. We throw open specific quick tips on how you can make the online birthday party for your kid successful and unforgettable. 

Give extra attention to the guest list: Who you are inviting to the virtual party is very important so that their needs can be taken care of easily. Along with that, there is a high chance someone needs a guardian to be with them, or someone does not show up. So these things have to be kept in mind. Send out virtual birthday party invites in a fun way with fabulous hampers and kits. 

Make sure the pace of the party is kept in mind: It means everything should be planned. How the visual theme would look on the video, how you would welcome each guest, what activities they would engage in etc.- all of this requires smooth execution so that the pace of the party can be maintained. The timespan for the party should be a minimum, say 20-25 minutes, when it comes to younger kids.

Give attention to decorations: Even if it is an online birthday party, the celebrations can be made more happening through beautiful and creative decorations that match the theme or overall mood of the party. Just simple balloon decorations or flower decorations would also do magic.

virtual birthday party ideas

Do not forget the cake, birthday song & messages: Many parents go overboard with virtual birthday party ideas like deciding the theme, decorating the visual virtual space, picking fun online activities, planning virtual games for the kids etc. But they forget the essential part that needs attention: the cake, the birthday song and messages. Do set apart a time for cutting the cake and the birthday song and personalised messages from the friends because that would make the birthday special for your kid. 

All in all, spread happiness and joy in your kid’s life by throwing a fantastic online party for your kid. All the best! 

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