The New World of Online School

The education system has undoubtedly witnessed a dramatic transformation over the past year. But now, we can even think of the notable benefits of online schools and homeschooling options. To some degree, it allows for both parents and the kids to have a flexible schedule. Other advantages of homeschooling include:

  • Learning at one’s own pace.
  • Having one-on-one interactions with teachers or specialists.
  • Developing better and personalized coursework.

online home-school tips

This shift has been slightly more challenging for the parents, especially for those families where both are working and might need help with home-schooling during COVID. As challenging as it is initially, it can be figured out with some help and planning to smoothen it. With innovative steps to help smoothen this transition into a new education system, we have curated some unique tips for home-schooling during the lockdown that emphasize the online home-school tips. It can bring incredible transformations in the lifestyle, thus an assured changed adaption in the new scenario.

The Pros and Cons of Online Home-schooling

Let us first consider the pros and cons of online homeschooling:  

Initially, this sudden and unplanned shift to online learning left us all in an uproar. The teachers did not have sufficient training, not everyone had enough Internet bandwidth, and there was very little preparation in the curriculum. It meant the initial period was a poor user experience and was unconducive to children’s sustained growth. However, that is not the case anymore. There have been tons of homeschool tips for beginners now.

homeschool tips for beginners

In the past year, teachers have adapted, new curriculums have been developed, and most kids have figured out ways to ensure their availability online. We now have a new hybrid model of education, which has significant benefits. Teachers have a new model of teaching that enables them to reach out to their students more efficiently. They can effectively connect to their students through chat groups, video meetings, and document sharing. Many educational Apps help the students and teachers to stay more connected and have better communication.

effective home-schooling tips for parents

There has been a perfect marriage between traditional offline learning and newer e-learning techniques. Even parents have now adapted with effective home-schooling tips for parents and find those truly useful for them.  

The challenges of online schooling are mainly felt by those with restricted access to laptops, the Internet and other amenities such as printers and scanners. Children belonging to more flawed or unstable homes are less likely to benefit from online learning fully. This gap is visible across the countries as well as between income brackets within the countries. However, if the respective governments can develop better plans, it might become possible for these kids to create an atmosphere to pursue their education at home.


7 Homeschool Tips for Students

To help all the parents struggling with online school, we have put together detailed tips for home-schooling during the lockdown. Read on below for the most effective home-schooling tips for parents.

1. Designate a learning area: The first of our home-school tips for beginners is to create or designate a place for your child to study. It can help them to have better focus as well as build a consistent study habit. Ensure that space has everything with easy reach from the laptop, tablet or desktop to stationery products. Ideally, keep this study area in a quiet room in the house, which is decluttered to ensure minimum distraction.

home-school tips for beginners

2. Well-planned schedule: It is always better to plan so that no time gets wasted and things can be done efficiently. Build a routine with your child that takes into account their studies and energy.

3. Organization is key: The best and most apparent home-schooling tips for working parents include being organised. Firstly, you can manage the day depending on the amount of support and monitoring your child requires during online school. Secondly, you must mark out time to go over your child’s homework or help them with their homework. It will allow you to track their progress. In a way, our new way of life will enable us to be more hands-on parents even when both may be working. 

4. Involve your children in decision making: No matter how young your kids are; it is always helpful to include them in the decision making process. Great Covid home-school tips would consist of the entire family making to-do lists, schedules, lesson plans and tracking kids’ homework together. It encourages kids to be responsible and accountable for themselves.

5. Shuffle old routines: It has been a year since we welcomed our new normal. Hence it has also been quite some time since we had our particular ways. It helps keep kids more engaged by switching things up and by altering the schedules, paces and activities or content for education and play-time.

home-schooling tips for working parents

6. Enabling social interactions: Surely, we have all felt the effects of suddenly being isolated. However, there are ways through which your child can continue interactions with friends. Our online home-school tips include considering the tons of new online classes such as dance, music, drawing, etc., that are now readily available. Here, your kids can join and interact with other children while still learning a new hobby. Also, you can organize virtual zoom parties with your children’s friends.

7. Reach out for help: Help with home-schooling during COVID might seem complicated to ask for, but it is more common than you think. Most parents are struggling with the switch, particularly in homes in which both parents are working. There are plenty of home-schooling tips for working parents, but it still does not hurt to reach out to teachers or counsellors for help with home-schooling your child. Often, these specialists offer unique insights and perspectives that can help you approach home-schooling in a way that will benefit your child.

As you can see, some flexibility and planning are required to make this switch. But overall, the new style of education might be here to stay for a while, and we should find better ways to adapt and develop more efficient habits for studying.


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