What Chemicals Are Present in Kids Toys?

As per one of the recent reports published by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), 25% of all children's toys contain harmful chemicals. Such chemicals in children's toys are used to make the plastic toys a specific hardness or elasticity. Unfortunately, these chemicals can harm your child's health. Researchers are advocating for such chemicals to be replaced with safer alternatives rather.

chemicals in children's toys

The chemicals in children's toys include plasticizers or softeners, surface-active substances, stabilizers, flame retardants, colourants, and fragrances. Every one of these substances can potentially harm children's health. Also, they have many disastrous implications for the environment as well. Toy manufacturers must phase out such substances in favour of eco-friendly and safer alternatives.


Why Should You Check for Chemicals in Children's Toys?

Most plastic toys being sold in stores are not labelled with the chemicals used in production, and hence parents can never really know if a product is harmful. The total effect of chemicals in children's toys is still not known, but it has been connected to cancer and infertility. 

It is essential to use 100% organic, safe & non-toxic toys for infants and young children. They are susceptible to exposure to chemicals due to their rapid metabolic rate, the fast growth of their organs and tissues, and their high surface-area-to-body-weight ratio. Researchers have also stated that softer plastic toys tend to cause more increased exposure to harmful chemicals than hard toys.

buy organic toys for babies

It is very much difficult to avoid all plastic toys as regulators need to check all the substances in them. That is why it has been suggested that you instead buy organic toys for babies and infants by considering their health concerns. It is best to avoid many such soft plastic toys. You must keep your child’s room well ventilated to prevent the inhalation of dangerous chemicals. It is also important to note that exposure through inhalation is more harmful than touching as usually, a child is only holding one toy. However, they are still inhaling chemicals infused with multiple toys. 


What are Safe Toys for Kids?

To ensure your child's safety, it is best to switch from plastic toys to non-toxic baby toys. It also happens to be a more sustainable option. There is now a growing awareness about non-toxic toys for babies due to the health concerns tied to various types of chemical-induced materials commonly used in toys. This attention towards children's health and environment has led 'The Ginger Tots' to offer non-toxic toys that are eco-friendly and non-toxic, therefore best suitable for the children. The non-toxic toys for six months old are all designed to be socially conscious while ensuring fair trade products holding the highest safety and quality certifications.

'The Ginger Tots' team comprises highly skilled toy designers possessing in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Their spectacular visualisation skills ensure that they generate a range of safe products for children and enable the child's emotional development. The non-toxic toys also assure safety for all parents and caretakers.

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‘The Ginger Tots’ was borne of the ambition to provide lively and enthusiastic children with a variety of toys that can stimulate their mental growth as well as hand-eye coordination, motor skills and emotional development. All products found in this company are compulsorily eco-friendly, non-toxic, socially conscious, maintaining fair trade, and sustainable. They also ensure to follow some of the highest safety and quality regulations with certifications like CE, ASTM and CPSIA. It means that every product has the assured safety standards, durability and reliability. Parents can rest easy knowing that these 100% organic, safe & non-toxic toys will be safe in the hands of their children. They ensure physical safety while contributing to the emotional and skill development of your child. 


Why Is It Important to Buy Non-toxic Baby Toys?

Even though children do not actively eat their toys, we all know that babies and infants tend to put anything they can hold in their mouths. Babies are still learning about the world and try to discover their world through taste as well. They eventually come to realize what is and isn’t edible. Kids should only put the specific toys meant to be in the mouth, such as teething rings. If a toy isn’t explicitly designed for teething, it should not be put in the mouth.

non-toxic toys for babies

It is due to the unfortunate fact that many traditional toys are made from toxic materials and chemical substances that shouldn’t be put in the babies’ mouths. Hence, as parents, it is our job to stay vigilant in buying non-toxic toys for babiesPlastic toys are laced with dangerous fire-retardant chemicals and PBDEs. Also, mass-produced dolls and soft toys tend to be made of PVC vinyl. Such materials are not bio-degradable and are usually considered hormone disrupters that could also be cancerous. Even crayons that you easily find in the market often test positive for trace amounts of asbestos, which can cause cancer. 


Organic Toys for Babies vs. Plastic Toys 

Remember that 100% organic, safe & non-toxic toys will any day be better for your child. It is because non-toxic baby toys are made out of materials such as wood, wool and paper that are comparatively safe thus not harmful at all. Such materials are closer to nature than different types of plastic materials or other petroleum-based products that are comparatively more dangerous. By choosing organic toys for babies, you will never have to worry about what hazardous substances are on your child's toys. The chemicals in children's toys tend to cause or worsen several skin ailments, such as dermatitis or eczema. It is because these mass-produced fabrics are heavily processed, treated or dyed with resins and chemicals like formaldehyde that can have adverse effects on your child's health.

non-toxic toys for babies

It would be best to switch to non-toxic toys for babies, both for personal health concerns and environmental concerns. Organic toys for babies are safe for your child. They are equally safer for the environment and remain biodegradable too as they do not contain harmful chemicals.



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