Is your baby or loved one turning one or two? Are you searching for the best gift to surprise your little one? When you feel that your little wonder is growing up too fast, then it is the best time to offer him/her the elite choice that boosts brainpower and teaches him/her some creative skills. So, what in your opinion would be the best gift to buy for a below 2-year-old baby? Let’s unlock this treasure trove and pick up something stupendous!

This blog has explored some different, innovative, creative and eco-friendly toys for your below 2-year old baby:  

1. Teethers and Rattles for less than 2-year old Tiny Tots

It is the best time to introduce toys that entertain your below 2-year baby and serve as mental development, assisting the baby reach critical milestones. The Ginger Tots’ eco-friendly baby Rattles help the baby develop face recognition, focus and tracking. 

Baby Teethers and Rattles for 6-12 months baby

Baby Teethers and Rattles enhances the cognitive, sensory and communicative ability of your below 2-year old baby boy or girlBest baby teethers and Rattles are available in a wide range and sizes. Make sure to choose the perfect one for your baby.

Baby Teethers & Rattles

2. Puzzles for below 2-year Baby Boy and Girl 

Puzzles are the best gifts to develop the overall personality of your child. It enhances the overall character of your toddlers. 

Jigsaw Puzzles for below 2-year Old Baby

Jigsaw Puzzles allow the child to solve the problem, increase recognition power and strengthen memory. Moreover, puzzles of words and puzzle solutions develop fine motor skills too. 

Eco-Friendly Puzzle Games for 4-8 months old baby

The Ginger Tots offers eco-friendly puzzle games for kids. Puzzles of words assist tiny tots in growing innovative skills and helping parents get through the ‘terrible twos.’

Eco-Friendly Puzzle Games for Kids

3. Wooden Toys for below 2 year Kids

When it comes to fun, wooden toys are the best ones for your 0-1 year old baby. If you too feel dicey while choosing wooden toys or thinking whether wooden toys are better for toddlers, leave your worries and go one step ahead! 

Wooden Toy cars for 4 months old Baby Boy

Wooden toys are among the best choices out there. These are available in various themes where wooden toy cars attract below 2-year baby boy similarly wooden toys kitchen set allure baby girls. 

Eco-friendly Wooden Toys Made in India

Wooden toys made in India are some of the best eco-friendly options if bought from ‘The Ginger Tots’. Handmade wooden toys would for sure create a vibe of happiness around your baby while elevating his/her creative skills.

Educational Toys for Kids

4. Educational Toys for 2-year Baby Boys and Girls

Educational Toys for 2-years Baby is also a perfect gift one could buy. Buying an educational toy is an excellent way of getting baby’s minds working. It is a brilliant idea to enhance the baby’s learning skills and making him/her ready for pre-nursery. 

Alphabet based Educational Toys

There are a variety of educational toys for kids depending on distinct interests. One could match the figures with pictures, alphabets, musical toys, numbers related, animals related and many more. Children would love to reach the wonders of alphabets and figures with ‘The Ginger Tot’s educational series. 

5. Art & Craft Ideas for 1-2 year Kids

Doesn’t matter how naughty your kids are, creativity and artwork can bind them in one place. Yes, Art & Craft ideas for 1-2 years babies is the perfect option to make them creative and enhance their mindful skills. Colours boast the magic that can allure your tiny tot. So, why not invest in something that could prove beneficial for your baby’s mind and intelligence. 

Art & Craft Activity for Kindergarten

Art & Craft for Kindergarten features different figures in connection to alphabets and numbers. Art & craft activity involving colouring and creating figures of animals can create a magical ambience in your home. 

Art & Craft Activity using Paper

Also, there are various creative activities concerning art & craft with paper with which your 2-years baby can learn formulating distinguished imagination.


Best Gifting Ideas for Kids


Choose the One that Attracts Attention

Whether you have decided to opt for a gift for fun or an educational one, a budding kid would always need to have a variety, indeed. If you are still confused and scrutinizing for more excellent ideas for 2-year old baby gifts, then head on over to for endless gift ideas for every age group with incredible features. 

At ‘The Ginger Tots’, we consider the safety of the toys as the highest priority. We deal with high-quality eco-friendly toys at relatively cost-effective prices so that your toddler remains healthy and safe.


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